proxying accounting packets without a realm

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Mon Aug 14 19:00:18 CEST 2006

> > > This works great for Authentication, however I want the same rules to
> > > also apply to accounting packets. Is there any sane way to do this at
> > > present?
> >
> > acct_users?
> Unfortunately this configuration when put in acct_users does not appear to
> work for some reason. Any ideas why?

Did you enable the suffix (or IPASS or ntdomain, you get the idea) module in 
your preacct section, so that proxying is actually done?

Other than that, I hate to say it because you're a FR veteran but: how about 
posting the output of radiusd -X so that we might get an idea what's going 
And you may want to consider moving the issue to the -users list, this is not 
exactly a development question.




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