EAP-AKA support

bphaneuf at reefpoint.com bphaneuf at reefpoint.com
Mon Aug 21 17:00:17 CEST 2006

I have a need for FreeRadius to support EAP-AKA and did not see it
available, so I copied/extended the FreeRadius EAP-SIM module to support it.

I noticed a number of requests for it in the past so I would like to
contribute my modification/extensions to freeradius.org,


My implementation relies on some EAP-SIM module infrastructure such as the
EAP-SIM header file 

as well as some EAP-SIM routines. It also relied on a number of EAP-SIM
attributes defined in 



FreeRadius starts up and runs with or without the EAP-SIM module loaded.


Is this a suitable approach or should it be completely stand-alone?


What is the procedure to actually submit my extensions for consideration?




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