Need sample config file for EAP-MD5 authentication

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Mr. Alan,
You are jumping to conclusions without any reason.  There is nothing wrong with me sending you a private email especially when I wouldn't know if you are on this list or .  If you think it is rude then it is only your thought.
Calm down and try not to be so picky.
Now regarding FAQ, it only covers EAP-TLS.  Read it and find out for yourself.


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"Atif Ikram" <Atif.Ikram at> wrote:

  Sending private email to me, and to umpteen other people about
FreeRADIUS questions is rude.  Don't do it.  This list exists for a

> The FreeRADIUS and HostAP are talking to each other after when I had the
> same secret set in clients.conf and wired.conf files in FreeRADIUS and
> HostAP configuration files respectively.  I have xsupplicant trying to
> authenticate itself and I see it talking to HostAP but since I don't
> have it configured right, the FreeRADIUS rejects the authentication for
> this client.

  The FAQ describes what to do when "it doesn't work".

  Read it.

> I am on a wired network so MD5 type authentication will suffice.  I just
> cannot figure out how to configure the eap.conf file in FreeRADIUS, or
> syntax where I can provide the user name and password for the client.
> Can someone help me out with a sample file ? It is a very simple
> configuration but I couldn't find it on Google search.

  This is covered in the FAQ.

  Read it.

  Alan DeKok.
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