Need sample config file for EAP-MD5 authentication

Peter Nixon listuser at
Fri Aug 25 14:53:30 CEST 2006

On Fri 25 Aug 2006 14:50, Atif Ikram wrote:
> Alan,
> All I can say is you are an idiot and certainly there is something wrong
> with you.  I advise you consult with some Psychiatrist and don't reply to
> my emails again.  I can always go somewhere else even if I have to pay for
> it.


You have broken several of the rules of open source software:

1) Do not mail software authors directly with configuration questions if there 
is a mailing list setup for that purpose.
2) Do not mail a development mailing list with configuration questions if 
there is an end user mailing list.
3) Do your homework (read the documentation, FAQ and google) before asking 
4) Do not insult open source developers, most of whom are very busy with their 
days jobs and answer YOUR questions and write code in their spare time!

Please consider yourself no longer welcome on this list.

Have a nice day


Peter Nixon
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