FreeRadius 1.1.3 Memory Leak

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Dec 8 03:19:52 CET 2006

Abdul Qadir wrote:

> Actually the problem is why this keeps on grwoing. If i start the
> process and exit it the statistics are different If i send some
> authentication request, the memory which is not freed by the process at
> exit keeps on growing. Is there any solution for this.  Please see the
> difference below.

  The server caches requests and responses for a time, so if you kill
the server immediately after a response is sent, there may be many
requests and responses still in memory.

  i.e. memory *lost* while it is running is bad.  Slow memory growth
over time is bad.  The problems you're seeing are likely unimportant.

  If you leave the server running, does it's total memory use grow over
time?  If not, there's probably no memory leak.

  Alan DeKok.
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