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Carlo Prestopino c.prestopino at waitalia.com
Thu Feb 2 19:10:25 CET 2006

My environment is freeRADIUS 1.1.0 with mySQL 5.0.

MySQ 5.0 support stored procedures and function, so I've defined a function
called mac_check as follows:


CREATE FUNCTION `mac_check`(utente VARCHAR(20),mac VARCHAR(30)) RETURNS



IF (SELECT (SELECT MAX((Attribute='Calling-Station-Id')) from radcheck WHERE


                        RETURN 'record already present';


                        INSERT INTO radcheck (UserName,Attribute,op,Value)
VALUES (utente,'Calling-Station-Id',':=', mac);

                        RETURN 'record inserted';



The function mac_check controls if Calling-Station-Id is already present
into radcheck table for key "utente", if not "mac" will be inserted.

The function will then be called from raddb/sql.conf simply modifying the
content of postauth_query:



postauth_query = "INSERT into ${postauth_table} (id, user, pass, reply,
date) values ('', '%{User-Name}', '%{User-Password:-Chap-Password}',
'%{reply:Packet-Type}', NOW())"   


postauth_query = "SELECT mac_check(${postauth_table}, %{User-Name},
%{User-Password:-Chap-Password}, %{reply:Packet-Type},


in this way I lost the entry into radpostauth table, but this is not a big
problem. I've modified the postauth_query thinking that, acting like this,
no modifications where necessary to rlm_sql.c file. In fact, if I change the
INSERT into postauth_query with a different one, this work pretty good.

Unfortunately things seem to work in a dufferent way, because the mac_check
function is not recognized by freeRADIUS: from logs I can see that it is not
executed.... ;-(

I suppose that there is something to change into rlm_sql.c file....


Any advice?

Thank you in advance


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