[PATCH 1/10] rlm_python: 01---sanitize-rlm-python-t.patch

Valts Mazurs valts at datatechlabs.com
Wed Feb 8 12:31:35 CET 2006

Paul P Komkoff Jr wrote:
> Replying to Valts Mazurs:
> > I am using rlm_python
> > Of course, not the original one :)
> > The patched version runs good for me (also in production
> > environment).
> My latest patches or previous by Vladimir Yu. Stepanov?
> Despite of mainline maintainers development of this stuff continues
> here in 2 different directions but we'll choose one if SOMETHING will
> happen to mainline (either Vladimir's or my patches will be
> integrated).

I use the previous ones by Vladimir Yu. Stepanov
They were rejected because Alan couldn't understand what exact changes
were made in the rlm_python module. I suppose that it would be better
to replace existing or make new module than leaving old crap untouched.
Valdimir's code looked readable and good working for me.

Thank you for the patches. I haven't tested them yet but I suppose that
you fixed the same bugs what Vladimir did. I hope that rlm_python will
become usable without custom patching after each release.

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