develope a module with .c and .cpp

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Set ulimit to unlimited to produce a core. Then look it to find which shared object can not be located. İn the default configuration, freeradius looks for .so file under /var/lib directory. Maybe you didn't open the commented line int the sybase modules Makefile and thats why you didnt compiled sybase module

İ hope this helps 

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	I store all the users' info in my Sybase server and I am going to authenticate a user from a module which pulls the information from sybase. I have made it with the module rlm_sql. And also, I rewrite this module, add a function(or with some other name, I don't kown how to call it correctly) which name is 'rlm_sql_authenticate', I am using the driver from ./drivers/rlm_sql_sybase, everything seems OK, or at lease I have not found problemsm, and I am so worrying about it. The other hand, we have lots of experience to manipulate sybase with our encapsulated class, and I am so willingly to develope my module and use this class. But it seems to be very hard to compile .c and .cpp at the same time. When compiling, lots of warning is dumped to my screen, but there is not a error, then I install the module, run FreeRadius 
under debug mode, when server is ready to prcess request, I sent a request to the server. The server cored dump with some message: symble not found.

	I am running freeRadius(v1.0.5) under solaris 5.6. Help me! Many thanks!
	contact me via msn: oicqcx at

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