Premature end of paircompare when using !* op on non-present attribute

Enrik Berkhan enrik#freeradius at
Fri Feb 17 11:17:16 CET 2006

Hi all,

yesterday I've noticed the following when using the '!*' op
(T_OP_CMP_FALSE) in the check items. When the attribute to be compared
is not found in the list of request attributes, '!*' evaluates to true,
which is correct, but further processing of the remaining check items
will be skipped. The code responsible for this behaviour comes from
paircompare() in src/main/valuepair.c:

>                 /*
>                  *      Not found, it's not a match.
>                  */
>                 if (auth_item == NULL) {
>                         /*
>                          *      Didn't find it.  If we were *trying*
>                          *      to not find it, then we succeeded.
>                          */
>                         if (check_item->operator == T_OP_CMP_FALSE)
>                                 return 0;
>                         else
>                                 return -1;
>                 }

I believe the `return 0' to be incorrect. I think it should be
`continue' instead to evaluate the remaining check items. Or is it
correct like it is?


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