php and freeradius

Pezhman Lali pezhman_lali at
Tue Feb 21 15:37:26 CET 2006

tanx for youe great help,
now, my freeradius can Authorizes users by PHP script,
also start and stop accounting.
but reply(Authentication) and nas control( checking
secret key) done via freeradius,1)I want to add these
items to php too.
I did these testes by ntradping, but I want to run
this freeradius for voip aaa (quintum tenor), 2)is
there any  simulator like ntradping for voice packets.
3) am I need any new freeradius's plugin to work with
4) where can I find any good Document, specialy talks
about  voip aaa with freeradius (executes external php
scripts for AAA).

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