Last patches for 1.1.0?

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Wed Jan 4 15:58:33 CET 2006

Fabio Pedretti wrote:

> I see that in 1.1.0-pre0 there isn't the complete documentation on
> some options of peap module of eap.conf, while I see it in the CVS:

Thanks for the report. I've updated the file eap.conf in branch_1_1
of the CVS.

Alan, I think there is a last thing that could be done before 1.1.0.
A few files have wrong access permissions, but I can't change it
with a cvs command line. Can you please run the following command
on the cvs repository?

$ chmod -x /source/radiusd/doc/load-balance.txt,v \
	/source/radiusd/man/man5/rlm_policy.5,v \
	/source/radiusd/man/man5/rlm_sql_log.5,v \
	/source/radiusd/share/dictionary.airespace,v \

$ chmod +x /source/radiusd/dialup_admin/bin/tot_stats,v \
	/source/radiusd/dialup_admin/bin/monthly_tot_stats,v \
	/source/radiusd/debian/patches/Attic/01_NET-SNMP_build_support.dpatch,v \

Except this minor detail, there is nothing else I can think of for 1.1.0.
What is the planned date for the release?

Nicolas Baradakis

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