How to extract A/V pairs from an Access-Request packet

Maria Ripolles mariaripolles63 at
Thu Jan 5 15:03:58 CET 2006

  Hy all,
  I am developing a custom module and I am a bit lost with the code. I am not a C programmer so sorry if my question is very stupid.
  I want to extract the differents A/V pairs contained in the Access-Request packets and check if any of them is the attribute "Connect-Info". In that case I would like to pass the value of the "Connect-Info" attribute to a function called auxiliar. 
  Here is my code:
  static int auxiliar (char * value) { ..... }
  static int mymodule_authorize (void *instance, REQUEST *request) {
       VALUE_PAIR *request_pairs;
       VALUE_PAIR *aux = NULL;
       char * Attribute_Name = NULL;
       char *Attribute_Value = NULL;
       int type = 0;
       for ( aux=request_pairs; aux; aux=aux->next)
            Attribute_Name = aux->name;
            Attribute_Value = aux->strvalue;
            if (aux->attribute == PW_CONNECT_INFO)
                 type=auxiliar(aux->strvalue); /* is this correct? I mean, is aux->strvalue a char * type? */
  Am I on the right track?
  Thank you a lot for your help and best regards


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