Last patches for 1.1.0?

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Thu Jan 5 17:50:19 CET 2006

Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:

> I'll have a look this weekend at what's in 1.1.0. Now that I've actually
> skimmed the list rather than just looking at the website, I'm breathing
> a sigh of relief that we didn't just roll back the 2.x naming decision.
> As it is, it sounds like it won't take ("didn't take Nicolas") much work
> to make it build.

I just did the port of the set of patches you created for the Debian
package 1.0.5-2. I tested the current branch 1.1 of CVS on both sarge
and etch, and it seems to build correctly. (except for rlm_eap_peap
and rlm_eap_ttls)

> There're a couple of bugs in the Debian BTS that I want to address,
> and last I checked rlm_eap_ttls and rlm_eap_peap were still not
> building properly, pulling in the static libeap/rlm_eap_tls libs
> instead of linking to the shared libs.

I think libtool try to link to rlm_eap_{peap,ttls}.so
but actually fails to do it because it can't find
(with the "lib" prefix) in the *install* directory.

I don't know if we can work around this. More info on:

> As I recall, I didn't apply the net-snmp patch to release_1_0 branch
> because it choked up some problems with net-snmp (on Fedora Core??)
> pulling in incorrect autoconf #defines, and breaking the build. In CVS
> HEAD things were rearranged so that none of the .h files pulled in the
> net-snmp .h files, only the actual .c files that used them.

Ok, I think we'll definitely leave that for later, after 1.1.0 has
been released.

> Keep in mind that this is stolen from the now-defunct Debian libtool1.4
> patch, and I make no promises that it'll work on non-glibc platforms. (I
> expect it'll work on glibc platforms, but I also don't promise this. ^_^)

It seems to me the changes in are bugfix only, but I'm not
very sure of it. An other option is to back-port the newer autotools
version from CVS head, but it's a lot more of work...

Either way, it's a post-1.1.0 thing, too.

Nicolas Baradakis

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