Release 1.1.0 this week?

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Mon Jan 9 12:22:08 CET 2006

Alan DeKok wrote:

>   I was planning on releasing it Monday, but now Tuesday or Wednesday
> is looking better for me.
>   Comments?

Sounds good to me. The pre-release has been available for 3 weeks,
so I think any major problem would have been reported already.

>   Also, here's a list of what could be in later releases
> 1.1.1
>  - libeap fixes
>  - netsnmp fixes

If you look at CVS log reports, I've been playing with rlm_eap makefiles
recently, and manage somehow to fix the esoteric libtool warnings for
libeap. Now CVS head is building fine without RLM_EAP_LINK_MODE=-static.
It'd be nice if other people can test these changes, though.

For 1.1.1 we could also make a sweep over all the modules to back-port
more fixes to be found in CVS head. We could also make a sweep over the
bugzilla, too.

And finally, if someone has a setup with ldap backend, and is volunteering
to test the patch under bug #261 (ldap_pairget fixes), perhaps it could be
added to 1.1.1, too. I'm not using LDAP on my site, therefore I can't test
it myself easily.

> 1.1.2
>  - upgraded libtool & autoconf??

That isn't pleasant work at all, but I think it should be done. Our
current autotools are the worst, and they are not supported anymore
by their authors.

>   Once that's done, the CVS head is starting to look a little anemic...

I don't think so: there's still a lot of cool new features in the server
core (IPv6 support, new radrelay, hash tables implementation to name a
few of them) and a lot of new modules: rlm_policy, rlm_sqlippool,
rlm_expiration, rlm_caching...

Nicolas Baradakis

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