ldap_pairget fix (was: Release 1.1.0 this week?)

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at sitadelle.com
Tue Jan 10 19:56:34 CET 2006

Markus Krause wrote:

> so here is what i did and what happend (on a current debian sarge linux, suse
> seems to be missing some packages):
> [...]

Very well, everything seems fine.

> now the entry of a ldap user (as ldif):
> # testuser2, People, mogli.de
> dn: uid=testuser2,ou=People,dc=mogli,dc=de
> [...]
> radiusReplyItem: Reply-Message := foo bar
> radiusReplyItem: Reply-Message += This_is_a_Reply
> radiusReplyItem: Reply-Message += This is another Reply with spaces
> radiusReplyItem: Reply-Message += This_is_yet_another_Reply_without_spaces

It's my mistake, but there is two methods to define attributes into
the LDAP directory: generic attribute and mapped attribute. I'd like
you to test with one-to-one-mapped attributes, sorry.

I also noticed that Reply-Message isn't in RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema, so we
need an other attribute of type string for the tests. Could you please
modify your LDAP entry like that?

# testuser2, People, mogli.de
dn: uid=testuser2,ou=People,dc=mogli,dc=de
radiusFilterId: foo bar
radiusFilterId: += foo_bar

Please run radtest or radclient again, and let me know the result.
Thanks for your help.

Nicolas Baradakis

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