[Debian] rlm_eap_(peap|ttls) does not link (was: Release 1.1.0 this week?)

Sven Hartge hartge at ds9.gnuu.de
Wed Jan 18 14:56:35 CET 2006

Um 14:48 Uhr am 18.01.06 schrieb Sven Hartge:
> Um 12:22 Uhr am 09.01.06 schrieb Nicolas Baradakis:
>> If you look at CVS log reports, I've been playing with rlm_eap makefiles
>> recently, and manage somehow to fix the esoteric libtool warnings for
>> libeap. Now CVS head is building fine without RLM_EAP_LINK_MODE=-static.
>> It'd be nice if other people can test these changes, though.
> I am sorry, but 1.1.0 does not build correctly inside my clean
> Sarge-chroot (using pbuilder).

Please ignore me, you were talking about HEAD, not branch_1_1.

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