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Tue Jan 24 15:51:56 CET 2006

Hy all,
  I have developed a custom module called rlm_prueba
  In .../src/modules/rlm_prueba directory, I have:
  # pwd
# ls
Makefile       rlm_prueba.a   rlm_prueba.c  rlm_prueba.lo  rlm_prueba.o
  and my Makefile:
TARGET          = rlm_prueba
SRCS            = rlm_prueba.c
HEADERS         = 
RLM_CFLAGS      = -I/opt/gadsl/contrib/include 
RLM_LIBS        = -L/opt/gadsl/contrib/lib -lcurl
  # over-ride the previous assignment if we're not building anything
include ../rules.mak

  I compiled it:
  # make
  # make install
  and it worked fine.
  Now, I want to store my rlm_prueba.c in a repository. I use a propietary tool and a previous requisite is that the file compile. But I am not able to compile it. I suppose that my tool doesn´t link ok with the freeradius libraries, but I am not sure
  Where are the freeradius .h files located?
  And which are the freeradius libraries needed to compile and where are they located?
  Please, any help or hint or... is very wellcomed.
  Thanks a lot,


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