rfc2865 and RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema inconsistencies?

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at sitadelle.com
Sat Jan 28 22:26:32 CET 2006

Markus Krause wrote:

> i had a closer look at RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema (rev. and
> compared it with rfc2865 and there seem to be some
> "inconsistencies": some attributes which may contain zero or more
> values according to rfc2865 (http://rfc.net/rfc2865.html) are
> defined as SINGLE-VALUE in the schema file.

Indeed. I also think it's weird.

> of course i also do not know if these differences are intended, i am just
> wondering about them! ;-)

I wonder about them, too ;-)

I've made a pass on all files under the doc/ directory, and pulled the
changes exactly like they were in CVS head. That's why the file has
been modified two days ago.

If nobody is against the idea, I'll commit in CVS the list of changes
you suggested to match with RFC 2865.

I also note there are four different LDAP schemas in CVS head. I have
no idea why we need so many of them.


Nicolas Baradakis

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