rfc2865 and RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema inconsistencies?

Alan DeKok aland at ox.org
Sun Jan 29 03:04:27 CET 2006

Nicolas Baradakis <nbk at sitadelle.com> wrote:
> If nobody is against the idea, I'll commit in CVS the list of changes
> you suggested to match with RFC 2865.

  Consistency is good.

> I also note there are four different LDAP schemas in CVS head. I have
> no idea why we need so many of them.

  At the minimum, we should probably document what they are.

  Since we have a number of SQL schemas too, maybe we want to put all
of the schemas under doc/?  Maybe doc/schema?  They can then be
installed in ...share/freeradius/schema?

  Just throwing out ideas.

  Alan DeKok.

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