Issues with bug#235

Kevin Bonner keb at
Mon Jul 3 18:49:19 CEST 2006

I've been working to merge our auth and acct configs into one (previously we 
ran each on separate servers), and I am hitting bug#235.  I snagged the 
rlm_sql.c changes from CVS and rebuilt 1.1.2.

My sql.conf config looks like:
sql sqlX {
  deletestalesessions = no
  simul_count_query = "select count(*) from radacct where ..."
  simul_verify_query = "select ... from radacct where ..."

Looking at rlm_sql.c (near line 1386 in the CVS head), we see:
    if (inst->config->deletestalesessions == FALSE ||
        inst->config->simul_verify_query[0] == '\0') {
        sql_release_socket(inst, sqlsocket);
        return RLM_MODULE_OK;

Since the deletestalesessions check evaluates to true, the code never enters 
the section to verify any of the sessions found.  This changes the behavior 
from all FreeRADIUS releases.

Should this be fixed, is this the desired result, or am I forgetting something 

Kevin Bonner
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