Last set of changes for 1.1.3

Peter Nixon listuser at
Fri Jul 7 10:32:26 CEST 2006

On Fri 07 Jul 2006 02:53, Alan DeKok wrote:
> "Sandworm" <sandworm at> wrote:
> > The RPM Spec fixes that have been discussed on the list several
> > times (unpackaged files, etc) could be added. Diff from previous
> > messages attached for your reference.
> >
> > $ diff -u /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/freeradius.spec
>   That looks like Redhat's spec file, not the one we ship with the
> server.  Please file a bug with Redhat, asking them to update their
> spec file.
>   If there are problems with redhat/freeradius.spec, please discuss
> those here.

I will check my changes to the SUSE spec file today and bring cvs up to date.

My current rpms (which get rebuild automatically whenever an update happens to 
the underlying OS) are at:

My spec file is currently working for all SUSE versions, but not yet cross 
building on Fedora and Mandriva. Once I get that to happen successfully we 
should be able to do away with the separate spec files for each distro.



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