Problem of proxying Vendor Specific Attributes (VSA)!

Laurent LOINGEVILLE laurent.loingeville at
Mon Jul 10 13:58:48 CEST 2006

Hi everybody!

My first question was the following:

>I would like to know if there is an option to specify the proxy not
deleting the VSA located in the access-reject response of the server
>when the proxy send the access-reject to the client?(keep the VSA)

>Clearer, currently, my Radius server send to the proxy an access-reject
with VSA and when the proxy receive these packet, it send the >same packet
to the client so an access-reject packet but with no VSA (it seem to delete

>So currently, i have:
*>Server Radius*>>>*packet access-reject with VSA*>>>>*Proxy Radius*>>>*packet
access-reject without VSA>>>>>>**Client Radius *

>So what i would like is:

*>Server Radius*>>>*packet access-reject with VSA*>>>>*Proxy Radius*>>>*packet
access-reject with VSA>>>>>>**Client Radius *


>Thank you in advance

So after that we told me to modify the function rfc_clean in the source code
i've edited the function  rfc_clean() in the source code (src/main/util.c)
by adding the following line (in bold) but it doesn't work (the client don't
receive the VSA:

        pairmove2(&vps, &(packet->vps), PW_EAP_MESSAGE);
        pairmove2(&vps, &(packet->vps), PW_MESSAGE_AUTHENTICATOR);
        pairmove2(&vps, &(packet->vps), PW_REPLY_MESSAGE);
        pairmove2(&vps, &(packet->vps), PW_VENDOR_SPECIFIC);

Could you please tell me what is wrong? have i to add something else in this
procedure?Is there another file to modify?

Thanks in advance for your answer!
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