ntpasswd not UTF-8 safe?

Tue Jul 25 11:33:11 CEST 2006

Dear Josh Howlett,

ntpwdhash  currently  only  supports ASCII (7-bit) passwords and this is
documented.  Common  8-bit implementation with character sets support is
extreamaly  hard  because  of  different  charsets  support on different
platforms. E.g. most *nix systems use KOI8-r encoding for Russian, while
Microsoft  uses  Windows-1251  as  ANSI  and cp866 as OEM encoding. Most
simple  implementation is to insert translation table from 8-bit charset
you  are  going to use to 16-bit little endian Unicode in ntpwdhash code
itself.  As  for  UTF-8  - yes, it's possible and it's easy to implement
translation  from  UTF-8 to unicode within ntpwdhash, but it's not clear
how to store and mark UTF-8 attributes within FreeRADIUS.

--Tuesday, July 25, 2006, 12:51:16 PM, you wrote to freeradius-devel at lists.freeradius.org:

JH> I don't think that the ntpasswd function in smbencrypt.c is safe with
JH> multi-byte character encodings, such as UTF-8.

JH> I think that the problem is in the conversion of the password to  
JH> Unicode, for the construction of the NT hash. The function assumes a
JH> single-byte character-set encoding (which works fine for Latin1, etc)
JH> but not for multi-byte encodings such as UTF-8.

JH> I'm not quite sure what the best approach to fix this is; does anyone
JH> have any suggestions?

JH> best regards, josh.

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