freeradius and openssl exception

Stephen Gran steve at
Wed Jul 26 01:51:45 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I'm sorry in advance if this is something that has already been discussed
to death.

I have been googling around, and I do see some discussion about an openssl
exception that took place in 2005, but I don't see any resolution, nor
do I see any actual exception in COPYING.  Is this something, first
of all, that people are either interested in or amenable to?  If so,
has any progress been made?

I ask all this because I recently took over comaintenance of the
package for Debian, and there are several modules that we can't ship
precompiled right now, as I understand it (eap being the most common,
but for some reason postgres is also currently disabled - that needs
seperate investigation).  If no progress has been made, I would be
willing to do some of the leg work sending around a sort of form email
to contributors asking for an exception, or whatever you all thought
was the best way of handling this.

Of course, if you're not agreeable, I guess we just stop here - no hard
feelings, but it means back to the drawing board for a gnutls solution
or some shim layer.

Take care,
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