1.1.2: specifying installation directory (env R) causes installto fail

Ryan Melendez rmelendez at wayport.net
Mon Jun 5 17:18:53 CEST 2006

>   As you noted, adding -L... helps.  I'm not sure how to do this with
> libtool, because it's "install" stage doesn't accept linker options,
> even though it's actually doing linking.
>   Did I mention I hated that PoS?
>   Maybe setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running libtool --install will
> work?

I had this same problem as I set R as well.  This was fixed for me by

LDFLAGS (before ./configure)
RLM_LDFLAGS (when you call make)

I made my own makefile one directory up:

cd ${SRCDIR} && LDFLAGS=/alt/dir/to/usr/local/lib \
                ./configure \
		    (etc....) \
		    && make \


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