If SQL not available during startup, then it not available all the time

Ruslan A Dautkhanov rusland at scn.ru
Thu Jun 8 12:03:16 CEST 2006

Hello !

Peter Nixon wrote:

>>>I would be interested, however there is already a perl script that does
>>>exactly that called h323detail2db.pl in src/billing/
>>>It is specific to Cisco h323 VSA records and my pqsl-voip schema but it
>>>can be trivially changed to work with "standard" records.
>>>If you give me a look at your script, maybe we can combine our work.
>>I think this is much pretty script - it's easy to configure to different
>>It's only have no any preparations for open Cisco-AVPair since my
>>FR parse all needed attributes self, but it can be easily done...
>What is the copyright on this code? 
Just string "Ruslan A Dautkhanov <ruslan at onlinebilling.ru>" with your 
remarks possible...
I love open source... ;)

>I like the way you have done it, and would 
>like to use some of it in h323detail2db.pl
I like that it helps.

Ruslan A Dautkhanov
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