run freeradius as service

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Thu Jun 8 19:32:03 CEST 2006


> I am using the freeradius(compiled from source 1.0.5)
> for aaa of voip systems.
> how  I can add radiusd to system's service list?
> I want run this program as service because after
> logging off , the radiusd will be killed.
> who knows, may be another problems.

Uh. Merely asking a question like this shows that you lack a certain knowledge 
of how Linux/Unix operating systems work. You may want to read a book about 
your distribution / operating system to get a little more insight. The 
incredibly short exec summary of what to do is:

1. write an init script
2. add this init script to the default runlevel

Anyway, it should only be killed if you start it with debugging options. Just 
invoking radiusd without any options should be enough to have it run in the 
background until next reboot. To have it always start upon boot, well, write 
that init script. Or get one from somewhere; depending on your OS, it likely 
already exists. FreeRADIUS even ships with a rather generic one, I believe.

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