proxy_fail_type attribute

Geoffroy Arnoud garnoud at
Wed Jun 14 09:07:36 CEST 2006


I just get the last CVS update, and I discovered a "hidden" attribute in mainconfig.c, name "proxy_fail_type".
By reading the source code, my understanding is that setting this attribute to "fail" (for example) in proxy.conf, and setting the value "fail" for Post-Proxy-Type in dictionary.freeradius.internal, will allow FreeRADIUS to execute a module when the proxy of a request failed (no response from server or other cases).

My 1st question:
- Am I right (or near to the truth)?

I saw that this was not shipped into 1.1.2. But this feature appeared by the end of 2004. So my 2nd and 3rd questions are:
- Has anyone used or is anyone using this feature on production deployement?
- Is this feature planned to be shipped in 1.2.x?

If I'm right about the behaviour, we may plan to deploy this feature (and therefore test it). So this leads me to another question: what is the best to do? Take last stable release and patch it to get the functionnality or take a CVS snapshot?

Thank you in advance.


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