bug report

Alan DeKok aland at nitros9.org
Mon Jun 26 03:49:28 CEST 2006

Joao Marcelo Ceron <ceron at tche.br> wrote:
> We have tested 802.1X with eap/ttls/mschapv2 using freeradius. Every 
> things works fine with Cisco, but, when we tested the solution with 
> extreme networks products (Alpine3804  and summit48si) the solution did 
> not work as expected.

  Please explain why.

> Apparently, the problem is a different RFC interpretation. The EAP 
> implemented in freeradius make a unnecessary check in handle->identity 
> variable.

  Why is the check unnecessary?  I've never heard of this being a
problem with Extreme devices before.

> Please , consider that change  to next version.

  If you could explain what the problem is, and why you changed it,

  Right now, your message says nothing more than "Something went
wrong, so we changed code to do stuff."

  Changes go in ONLY if they have reasonable explanations.

  Alan DeKok.

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