Solaris9 Configure Issue (1.1.0)

Chris Parker cparker at
Thu Mar 9 23:23:33 CET 2006

In src/modules/rlm_sql/drivers/rlm_sql_mysql/config.log

It's not detecting properly that Solaris9 also needs "-lm -lz" ( math  
and compression
functions ) to link with the MySQL libs:

configure:971: checking for mysql_init in -lmysqlclient_r
configure:988: gcc -o conftest -m64 -D_REENTRANT - 
-D_GNU_SOURCE -DNDEBUG   conftest.c -L/usr/local/mysql/lib - 
lmysqlclient_r -lpthread -lnsl -lresolv
-lsocket -lposix4  -lpthread 1>&5
Undefined                       first referenced
symbol                             in file
floor                               /usr/local/mysql/lib/ 
uncompress                          /usr/local/mysql/lib/ 
compress                            /usr/local/mysql/lib/ 

Is this fixed in HEAD/1.1.1?

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