Freeradius tls segmentation fault

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Tue Mar 14 12:29:32 CET 2006


I have linux Suse 7.3 with openssl 0.9.7 and freeradius 1.1.0

when I configure 
c. radiusd.conf -- This file contains the server configuration information.
Look for the following lines and then change the default_eap_type from md5
to tls:

eap {
	default_eap_type = md5

Change md5 to tls.

Move down to the following line, and then uncomment and modify the
information, as shown below. Note that I placed the server certificates, dh
file and random file in a new directory 1x on my system. Modify the path as
needed for your server:

#tls {

tls {
	private_key_password = whatever
	private_key_file = /usr/local/radius/etc/1x/cert-srv.pem
	certificate_file = /usr/local/radius/etc/1x/cert-srv.pem
	CA_file = /usr/local/radius/etc/1x/root.pem
	dh_file = /usr/local/radius/etc/1x/dh
	random_file = /usr/local/radius/etc/1x/random
	fragment_size = 1024
	include_length = yes

and I start radiusd -x then is the last ok LEAP and then come segmentation

When I uncomment the eap.conf tls section and default eap type set to md5
then running the radius without error.

The problem is in tls.

Can you help me??


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