1.1.0: Bug in rlm_sql.c OR sql.conf templates

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Mon Mar 20 12:38:12 CET 2006


this is a rather annoying bug that has create a whole lot of confusion in my 
accounting tables:

See rlm_sql.c

static CONF_PARSER module_config[] = {
        {"acct_table", PW_TYPE_STRING_PTR,
         offsetof(SQL_CONFIG,sql_acct_table), NULL, "radacct"},
        {"acct_table2", PW_TYPE_STRING_PTR,
         offsetof(SQL_CONFIG,sql_acct_table2), NULL, "radacct"},

i.e. the configuration items for the accounting tables are called "acct_table" 
and "acct_table2".

But the sql.conf template says:

        acct_table1 = "radacct"
        acct_table2 = "radacct"

and later all the query templates refer to acct_table1.

The outcome is that the server claims to write his UPDATE to the content of 
variable acct_table1 (even in -X debug output, because there the xlat's 
"expands to" is printed and that uses acct_table1 for expansion), but the sql 
module actually always writes to the default "radacct" (unless you are clever 
enough to add a configuration item "acct_table" that is in sync with 

The bug is a little hard to spot, since it will only show if you make 
acct_table1 not use the default "radacct".

Please fix this for 1.1.1 if it's not tagged already. My suggested fix is, 
naturally, a one-liner:

<        {"acct_table", PW_TYPE_STRING_PTR,
>        {"acct_table1", PW_TYPE_STRING_PTR,


Stefan Winter


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