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Thiago Maluf malufrj at
Wed May 3 21:42:37 CEST 2006

I am using freeRadius in project of Voip in the system AAA.
And I use with NAS the GnuGk, the OpenSER and Asterisk.
GnuGK - Authorize / Authenticate / Account
Openser - Authorize / Authenticate and I am putting Account
Asterisk - I am putting Account
But I don`t like put each one in the same table - table raddacct. I Would
like insert GnuGK in table radacct, Openser in table radacctser and Asterisk
in table radacctasterisk .

Openser and Asterisk send a flag with a information TYPE-NAS in yours
Account with Radius. GnuGK not, but if TYPE-NAS null, NAS is GnuGK.

But I don`t know like create this condicional in FreeRadius. If possible, I
would like if some one help me.
very thanks,
Thiago Resende.
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