Authorization in EAP-TLS module

Michal Prochazka michalp at
Thu May 25 09:02:17 CEST 2006


I sent here an small enhancement of EAP-TLS module. Now I would like to 
rewrite it to be more clear. Before I will do it, I would like to ask if 
this enhancement has a chance to be added into the freeradius?

The think is that in authentication part of EAP-TLS will add new pair 
into the request which will contain whole certificate. I will write new 
authorization part of EAP-TLS which will work similar like the 
enhancement I've created with small changes: whole certificate will be 
sent into the environ of the script. After that the script can decide on 
any field in the certificate.

Michal Prochazka // michalp at

Supercomputing Center Brno
Institute of Computer Science
Masaryk University
Botanicka 68a, 60200 Brno, CZ

CESNET z.s.p.o.
Zikova 4, 16200 Praha 6, CZ
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