Do we need a call for new web site design

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Nov 12 22:06:54 CET 2006

  The look of the web site hasn't been updated for a few years.  Could
we update it?

  We can post a call for comments on -users, and look for consensus.

  I've found a number of free templates, but I can't find one that
looks simple, but good.  I'm looking for:

 - 2 columns (news on left, text on right)
 - header (slogans, etc)
 - blue, grey, or black color scheme
 - clean & simple looking
 - "liquid" (i.e. handles different resolutions well)
 - cross-platform compatibility
 - not boxy (there are a LOT of boxy schemes out there)

  Alan DeKok.

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