Automatic report from sources (radiusd) between 25.10.2006 - 27.10.2006 GMT

Frank Cusack fcusack at
Sun Nov 12 23:20:41 CET 2006

On November 12, 2006 4:01:23 PM -0500 Alan DeKok 
<aland at> wrote:
> Frank Cusack <fcusack at> wrote:
>> Is this worthy of a 1.1.4 release?
>   Yes.  Coupled with the Digest issues, absolutely, yes.

Take a look at src/modules/rlm_otp/ident.h .  It provides an RCSID
macro which prevents elimination of the rcsid var with gcc -O2.
Thus making the rcsid actually useful.

Do you want me to move this to the main include dir and update all
files?  Or is it too trivial to matter.


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