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> Hi Peter, Alan,
> Alexander Schrab and I have been working on a patch that 
> allows to have both draft-sterman's and RFC 4590's attributes 
> handled by FreeRADIUS. http://bugs.freeradius.org/show_bug.cgi?id=391
> It is true that Ascend attributes conflict with the newly 
> defined RFC 4590 attributes, so that modifications are needed.
> However, I have been using this for more than a month along 
> with an OpenSER box (pre-RFC 4590) without problem. And and 
> believe Alex too.

Yes I have, and in a very different context too I might add. 

> Maybe we can take the patch in bug #391 as a basis for the 
> future RFC 4590 implementation?

I agree with Philippe, even when the new revision comes out, it is
probably _very_ similar to the current RFC (if I understand it
correctly, the only problem is the IANA numbers?). 
Starting the work of integrating the implementation me and Philippe has
done and been using would be a great start as it is already tested in
two very differnt context for several weeks. It would also allow others
to implement and test any less subtle requirements of RFC4590 that are
yet unimplemented in our patch.

/Alexander Schrab

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