fix for Radius failed query logging

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Nov 17 22:32:45 CET 2006

  Our message is that OpenSER has an opportunity to behave in a
standardized way.  Other vendors have been using 'Acct-Status-Type =
Stop' this way for about a decade.  Your choice to use 'Failed' was a
gratuituous change to existing RADIUS practices that has zero benefit
for anyone.

  Instead of responding to that feedback positively, you're flaming us
for not implementing yet another vendor-specific workaround, even
AFTER we said that FreeRADIUS will support the functionality you want.

  More detailed responses are below.  Please CC me on any responses.

  Alan DeKok.

> > Now, as many things in SIP, RFCs are not always the place to look for
> > real life problems and their solutions. Many RFCs have been written
> > before decent field experience existed in the field and did not cover
> > the out-of-the lab requirements. By obeying blindly to what some RFC
> > mentions or lacks to mention it would mean that the progress of
> > mankind will be at the hand of some people with time and interest to
> > write RFCs.

  I understand that... see the FreeRADIUS source code for any number
of vendor-specific workarounds, fixes to bugs in the RFC's, etc.  In
fact, I'm co-author of what will become a RADIUS RFC that documents
what's wrong in the other RFC's, and what people should really do.

  But that isn't the issue.  For us, the issue is that we have to add
another work-around for a particular vendor, who has chosen to do
something non-standard.  We try to encourage standardized ways of
solving problems, and to discourage vendor-specific hacks.  There are
already enough vendor-specific patches in FreeRADIUS.

> > Changing 10 lines of code will make many people praise Freeradius for
> > its good work for the fast growing VoIP/SIP community and will not
> > break anything else. Otherwise it should be no wonder why some switch
> > to radiator who seem to care more about what people really need in
> > place of what is missing from the RFCs.

  Again, that response is missing the point entirely.

> Well, it MAY break things in future if and when a new RFC defines 
> how "Acct-Status-Type = Failed" should be used. I agree that given the type 
> of change we are talking about this is a remote possiblity, however Alan has 
> the final say in things of this nature. In any case, as Alan also mentioned 
> in his reply, there are plans to make the sql modules extensible simply by 
> adding new queries like this to the config file.

  Yes.  We may even add a default "Failed" query to the sql
configuration.  But we WILL note that it's only used by one vendor,
and that it SHOULD NOT be used for anything else, because it has no
real meaning.

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