Freeradius-Devel Digest, Vol 18, Issue 3

Mike needacoder at
Wed Oct 4 05:17:27 CEST 2006

> My next suggestion for 2.0 was actually going to be that we
> rename "radiusd.conf" to "freeradius.conf" (or freeradiusd.conf)
> and "etc/raddb" to "etc/freeradius" as default. Does this suit you? (A simple
> rename of radiusd.conf on upgrade is not particularly difficult, given that
> many options on the config file have also changed)
> Our default prefix should probably change from /usr/local to /opt/freeradius/
> also in keeping with LSB. (Although I understand that this may be a slightly
> controversal change)

In case no one else decides to chime in here with sanity and reason...
 /usr/local is the "right" place for default installation - not only
because it's the right place (and it definitely is), but because that
is where it's been thus far and people have gotten used to it.  If
some third party decides to repackage freeradius to confirm to their
own fly-by-night naming convension, they should be the ones
responsible for apologizing to their userbase and fixing the bugs that
arise as a result of the transition.  Developer time is never well
spent on fixing bugs associated with such useless operations as
renaming config files or moving paths.  Plus, there are plenty of
Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD boxes out there that very
happily run freeradius out of /usr/local, why force some stupid linux
convention on them?

lsb / fhs - Just because some people with no clue, no experience, and
too much free time decided to put out a "standard" doesn't mean that
the rest of the world must follow such idiocy.

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