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Oh. And secondly please take this to the users list.
This list is for questions about FreeRADIUS development, not for use by users 
who have not bothered to read the documentation.



On Sat 14 Oct 2006 18:24, Bolivar Soriano wrote:
> I'm running freeradius for windows (remember it's working fine saving the
> files into a txt files this happened when I try to send the record to a
> table), I already create the db and the tables.
> Find attached
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> > I have the freeradius working just fine; it's saving the record in a text
> > file, but I want to send the record to a mssql table; I already create
> > the table in the DB required, but every time when I take out the comment
> > from sql command I got an error. Can send me an step by step help or, an
> example
> > of the two o three files that I have to modify.
> What error did you get?
> Stefan


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