proxy DEFAULT realm bug-o-feature?

Mike needacoder at
Mon Oct 16 20:18:44 CEST 2006

> > DEFAULT Realm != "NULL"
> >         NAS-IP-Address := `%{Realm}`
> >
> > But instead of the expected result, I am observing:
> >
> >         NAS-IP-Address :=
> You are assigning a string value to an attribute that carries an IP address.
> Sounds like a less-than-perfect idea to me.

  Actually, in my situation I know that realm will always be an IP
address.  However when using the "realm DEFAULT {}" configuration, I
want the Realm variable to be set to the IP address, but instead, it
appears to be set to the word "DEFAULT".  So I am asking what is a way
to overcome this bug (or feature, I'm still not sure which it is.)

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