How to obtain username and User-Password in a module

Juan Luis Perez Perez jperez at
Wed Oct 18 17:09:18 CEST 2006


I'm coding a basic authorization module for FreeRadius, and i have a
problem. When FreeRadius tries to authenticate says that:

rlm_digest: Configuration item "User-Password" is required for

Here is the function that do athorization in the module:

static int xml_rpc_auth(void *instance, REQUEST *request)
	int result;
	VALUE_PAIR **input_pairs, **output_pairs;
	VALUE_PAIR *answer, *check_pairs;
	rlm_xml_rpc_t *inst = (rlm_xml_rpc_t *) instance;
	int accept;
	const char username[1000], password[1000], realm[1000];
	char cadena[1000];
	char usrn[1000], pw[1000], rm[1000];
	VALUE_PAIR *vpr, *vpd;
	DICT_ATTR	*dict_attr;

	result = vp_prints(cadena, 1000, request->config_items);
	if ( result ) radlog(L_ERR, "En vp_prints config_items: %s", cadena);
	if ( request->config_items->next != NULL )
	result = vp_prints(cadena, 1000, request->config_items->next);
	if ( result ) radlog(L_ERR, "En vp_prints config_items->next: %s",

	radlog(L_ERR, "En vp_prints_value request->packet->code: %d",
	strcpy(username, request->username->strvalue);
	radlog(L_ERR, "En vp_prints_value username: %s", username);
	if ( request->password ){
		strcpy(password, request->password->strvalue);
		radlog(L_ERR, "En vp_prints_value password: %s", password);
		//result = vp_prints_value(password, 1000, request->password, 254);
	radlog(L_ERR, "Atribute del password: %s", request->password->name);	
	 *	We require access to the plain-text password.
	if( request->packet->vps ){
		vpr = pairfind(request->packet->vps, PW_DIGEST_REALM);
		if (!vpr) {
			radlog(L_AUTH, "rlm_xml_rpc: Configuration item\"Realm\" is required
	if ( vpr ){
	strcpy(realm, vpr->strvalue);
	radlog(L_ERR, "rlm_xml_rpc: XML-RPC %d %p %p %p\n",accept, username,
password, realm);

	result = xml_rpc_call(inst, request, &accept, username, password,
realm, usrn, pw, rm);

	radlog(L_ERR, "rlm_xml_rpc: XML-RPC %d %s %s %s\n",accept, username,
password, realm);
	radlog(L_ERR, "PW segun xml_rpc_call es %s\n", pw);
	vpr = rad_malloc(sizeof(VALUE_PAIR));
	dict_attr = rad_malloc(sizeof(DICT_ATTR));
	if(vpr && dict_attr){
		dict_attr = dict_attrbyname("User-Password");
		strcpy(vpr->name, "User-Password");
		vpr->attribute = dict_attr->attr;
		vpr->type = dict_attr->type;
		vpr->length = strlen(pw);
		strcpy(vpr->strvalue, pw);
		vpr->flags = dict_attr->flags;
		vpr->operator = T_OP_EQ;
		radlog(L_ERR, "rlm_xml_rpc: creando el VALUE_PAIR con el password para
meterlo en request->config"
			"y requerido para la authenticacion"
			"vpr->name = %s\n"
			"vpr->attribute = %d\n"
			"vpr->type = %d\n"
			"vpr->length = %d\n"
			"vpr->strvalue = %s\n",
			vpr->name, vpr->attribute, vpr->type, vpr->length, vpr->strvalue);
	radlog(L_ERR, "rlm_xml_rpc: qué hay? %s %s %s", username, password,
	if ( accept )
		request->config_items = vpr;

	return RLM_MODULE_OK;

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