Bug on Accouting-Requests proxying

Geoffroy Arnoud garnoud at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 31 08:48:27 CET 2006

> > Maybe can you explain us why it SHOULD NOT retransmit accounting packets?

>   Because the NAS will retransmit them.  Having the proxying server
> re-transmit them, too is unecessary.

I agree on this. Nevertheless (correct me if I'm wrong), when FreeRADIUS acts as a proxy, it can be synchronous or asynchronous, right? We are developping a RADIUS proxy interconnecting many clients to many servers.
We need to proxy both authentication and accounting requests.
We need to set different timeout and retransmit per realm (customer request / patch under contruction).
Using NAS restransmissions as you suggest supposes to be synchronous, but we need asynchronous behaviour (different TO / retries per realm - independant from the client).

>   If the server logs them locally, and then uses something like
> "radrelay" to proxy them, then radrelay should take care of the
> retransmits.

Using radrelay may prove to be interesting, but was not considered
useful because, at design time, we thought FreeRADIUS did respect RFC
regarding retransmissions of accounting requests. Maybe in a future
release of the project, we can think about using radrelay, but not for the

> > Our implementations of FreeRADIUS need to retransmit all types of packets

>   Why?

For accounting requests, if retransmissions are not managed, this may result in billing issues for operators. Interconnection rules tell that if more than a number a accounting interim are missing, then it means that end-user session is over and that session can be terminated and billed. If session is not really terminated, this leads to a revenue loss.

I hope that you understand the context and our concerns.

Nevertheless, we are not in position to tell you what to do or not in the server, but we hope that such a modification (no proxy of accounting) will be marked as a major update of the server in the release notes.

Best regards and thank you for your great opensource.



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