EAP-AKA authentication support

Phaneuf, Brian bphaneuf at reefpoint.com
Fri Sep 1 15:04:15 CEST 2006

I have just last week, implemented and submitted to an EAP-AKA
implementation to FreeRADIUS's bugzilla database as suggested to my Alan


As I have never submitted code to FreeRADIUS before, I am unsure of what
the next step is.


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Hi all,

I was looking for freeradius in order be able to authenticate using
However, correct me if I am wrong, there is still no implementation for
that in
latest 1.1.3 released version.

Anybody knows if the EAP-AKA implementation is in the project roadmap?

Has anybody else interest on that issue?

Best Regards,
Carlos Parada

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