Nicolas Baradakis nbk at sitadelle.com
Fri Sep 1 22:53:31 CEST 2006

Peter Nixon wrote:

> Forgive me if this has been asked before, but shouldn't the sql_log
> module use the same SQL queries from as the normal sql module? Why
> does it have it's own set of queries in radiusd.conf?

rlm_sql_log isn't really a SQL module, as it doesn't talk to a SQL
server. In fact, the module just feeds the radsqlrelay script and
it doesn't share any code with rlm_sql.

The module has it's own section because you're not supposed to
configure both rlm_sql and rlm_sql_log at the same time. However,
according to your SQL clean up idea, this section could be in a
separate file etc/raddb/sql/sql_log.conf instead of radiusd.conf.

Alan DeKok wrote:

>   The other thing is that the SQL module should be updated to
> auto-discover more queries like rlm_sql_log, rather than having them
> hard-coded.  This means that any new accounting status type can be
> supported by simply adding the queries.

The only problem with the rlm_sql_log method is that it doesn't
support the accounting_???_query_alt yet.

I'm unsure if we still need the "alt" queries: since MySQL 4.1 the
new syntax "INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" allows to do something
similar with a single statement.

Nicolas Baradakis

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