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Well, not really. That is the most simple way of doing it. But there are
several other ways that are better. One possible idea is to use part of
the nonce as a signature of the rest of the nonce. And part of the nonce
can be a time stamp. This way the impact of replay attacks and DoS
attacks can be minimized. Anyhow, you can do it a lot more complicated
than random :)


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> Alexander Schrab <Alexander.Schrab at axis.com> wrote:
> > Oh yeah, I have not implemented challange. This is because it was a 
> > bigger task than I expected. We need a nonce creation algorithm, 
> > methods for calculating body digest and a few more things. 
> Can do that 
> > later, the code is prepared for implementing that feature...
>   The nonce creation is simply calls to lrad_rand().
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