sqlcounter patch

Graham Beneke graham at apolix.co.za
Tue Sep 26 19:36:15 CEST 2006

Hi Dev Team

This my first venture into OS development so please excuse my ignorance. 
I am not a rookie to coding in general though.

I have recently been using the sqlcounter module on my freeradius 
implementation and it is very useful for my needs.
I has one shortcoming however and that is the fact that the reply-item 
that it returns is hard coded in the module.
I would like to provide a patch that would make the reply-item one of 
the options that can be set in the relevant radiusd.conf section.

I have managed to get anon access to the CVS and i'm busy figuring my 
way through the code...

What is the next step?


  Graham Beneke
  Apolix Internet Services

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