Dynamiic update of client.conf..

Steve lightspeed at list.ru
Sat Apr 14 01:11:54 CEST 2007

Hi, everyone

So, I'm currious is't possible to update clients.conf dynamicly?
I mean, the following thing.. I'm using web frontend and some backend that uses database (Oracle in my case), and create new NAS device profile using this web frontend.. Ok, when all DDL operations (insertions into database, a bunch of checks, etc..) completed successully, I need to update clients.conf, or else, FreeRadius deny an access to context from given, created NAS.. And, course clients.conf automaticly updated under the backend control. So, all I need is to reload radius server. But, reloading is not good idea, because of all previous running sessions will be stopped and context will be removed.. So, any idea to make the reload without removing the running context? Or, something else? As an idea I'm imaging the picture - to make some database support for freeradius server.. I mean in addition to clients.conf checks to try to implement database checks for NAS. So, may it be somebody knows, is't good idea? But, dynamic NAS update is the matter of fact..

Best regards,

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