[PATCH] authenticate only service type

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Apr 26 10:40:07 CEST 2007

Muhammad Tayseer Alquoatli wrote:
> Thank you, I maybe miss some  configuration, but I'm not saying that
> freeradius is complaining about receiving and Authenticate-Only service
> type, but i'm saying its handling it the same way as a framed-user
> service type.

  The server handles this request the same way as for any other request:
It does what you tell it to do.

> I'm expecting FreeRadius to just authenticate me and not give me an IP
> address if "Authenticate-Only" service type is desired, but freeradius
> is always reserving an IP address for me even if
> Service-Type=Authenticate-Only and this what i couldn't change without
> code modification

  As RADIUS administrator, it is your choice whether or not to follow
the request from the client.  If you do follow it, you can configure the
server to do authentication, and nothing else.  If you choose to handle
the request differently, that is your power as administrator.

> I hope I've made it clear, and i appreciate sending me the appropriate
> configuration if anyone could send FreeRadius an access-request where
> Service-Type=Authenticate-Only is set and receive just an access-reject
> or access-accept without any network configuration returned in the reply

  You can configure the server to do that.  It does not require source
code modifications.

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