Oracle Stored Procedures for AAA : your suggestinos..

Shahzada Hatim shahzadahatim at
Mon Apr 30 11:28:01 CEST 2007


For a project I need to make freeradius utilize oracle stored procedures.
These stored procedures will be used for the AAA of the radius server.

The resultant radius server will be slightly different from a typical
PPP-Dialup system (it will be monitering SIP(Voip) calls). This means that
there would be changes beyond the SQL module  (i.e. within the
Authentication, Authorization and Accounting modules)

What options do I have in this regard?

-Can direct replacement of queries work , or a complete module has to be
written for calling stored procedure?. The stored procedures are not
compatible (i.e. they have completely different inputs and outputs as
compared to the SQL queries already present)

-A new module rlm_sql_sp can simplify things for the long run, but it is
not an easy route.

Any other suggestions and comments are more than welcome.

Shahzada Hatim
(Sofware Engineer)

Iphonica LLC

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